Beko Coffee Maker BKK 2113

1219.00 AED

Standard delivery (within 3-4 business days)

Foamy, authentic Turkish coffee taste that does not overflow thanks to Cooksense Technology.

Spinjet technology that decides water quantity according to cup size

Anti Spill technology allows protecting overflow

4 cups capacity

Simultaneous preparation of two different tastes of coffee, such as with or without sugar at same time

Measuring spoon 

Removable Water tank

One-touch simple coffee cooking

Audio warning

The Beko Keyf is designed to brew Turkish coffee at a precise temperature to produce a rich froth and deep, authentic flavor. It uses CooksenseTM technology to detect the perfect amount of froth and stop the brewing process at just the right time.

It can serve up to 4 cups at once, so is ideal for families, offices or those who like to enjoy Turkish coffee with friends. It also features 2 separate brewing units, which means you can brew coffee to different tastes at the same time.