Parrot ar.drone

Parrot Minidrone Mambo

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Parrot Minidrone Mambo

 Become An Elite Marksman

Solo Or In A Team, It'S Now Time To Head Off On A Combat Mission. Attach The Cannon To The Parrot Mambo And Let The Game Begin. Target Your Opponents' Drones Or Try Games Of Skill, Such As Firing At A Pyramid Of Beakers Or Bringing Down Light-Weight Targets. You Can Load Up To Six Balls. They'Re Harmless, So Give It Your All To Win The Match!
Become A Transporter
Fancy Doing Something Out Of The Ordinary And Surprising Everyone? Attach The Grabber To The Parrot Mambo And Use Your Imagination: Anything Is Possible... The Grabber Can Pick Up Objects (Up To 4 G), Carry Them Up Into The Air And Put Them Down Wherever You Want.
Make The Most Of A Simple And Effective Control System
Thanks To An Advanced Flight Controller And High-Performance Sensors, The Parrot Mambo Is Easy To Control... So Easy That Even If You Stop Using The Controls, It Remains Stable! The Autopilot Takes Over. But Wait, There'S More: Activate The Cut-Out System And The Motors Will Automatically Stop In The Event Of A Crash. The Only Limit Is Your Imagination!
It'S Time For Exciting Flights And Aerobatics!
Reverse, Rotate, Flip In Both Directions And Even Perform A Magical Take-Off From Your Hand: With Your Smartphone, You'Re At The Helm, So Enjoy The Thrills And Rise To All Challenges. Nothing Will Stop You: Brush By Obstacles, Slalom Between Posts Or Be The Fastest Of The Pack. The Choice Is Yours!