Polaroid Flexible Pod Black


Polaroid Flexible Pod Black

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The splat flexes and folds in countless ways, securing your Cube™ in eit ...read more

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    The ingenious splat flexible tripod from Polaroid® is the ultimate do-it-all for your Cube™ lifestyle action camera. Its five-legged structure is crafted from flexible stainless steel sheet (80%) and wrapped in premium silicone (20%). This combination makes for a flexible tripod that is both pliable and very durable. Though it weighs in at a light 2.6 ounces (75 grams), it can support in excess of 1.5 pounds for hours on end without ever bending or getting out of shape. It truly is the most versatile tripod/mount for any surface.

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    The splat flexes and folds in countless ways, securing your Cube™ in either tripod or mount setup. As a mount it offers a tight, protective grip, and as a flexible tripod it easily rests on or wraps around any surfaces – even a nail in the wall.

    Five flexible legs can be independently contorted and adjusted, while the non-slip dots under each leg eliminate unwanted movement. The legs can even be gathered together to form an ergonomic handgrip that adds stability for video.

    To ensure the splat is up for every shade of fun, the materials and processes used are all Polaroid®-grade. The splat is crafted of pliable stainless steel sheet for structural integrity with a premium silicone wrap for years of happy, flexible use.

    Now you can leave your weighty tripods and bulky mounts at home. The splat is very lightweight and an absolute joy to carry along when you’re on the go. You can throw it into your bag, and even wrap it around a purse strap or belt loop.

    Splayed out, the splat measures in at 6 inches x 7 inches (17cm x 18cm), with a maximum diameter of 7.8 inches (20cm)

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