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GoXtreme Chest Mount for Action Camera

135.00 AED

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The GoXtreme® Action Cams Chest Mount is the perfect accessory to use when you need to capture videos from a lower, more immersive perspective.

Thanks to this camera position, you will capture most of your upper body movements. Your recordings will capture more of your hands and arms in action making the chest mount perfect for biking, skiing, fishing etc. It is fully adjustable making it suitable for a wide range of adult sizes and allows for the viewing angle of the mounted camera to be fixed.

Wear your action cam on your chest

• Fits all shapes and sizes

• More intensive perspective

• For diverse sport activities

• Works with GoXtreme Action Cams and GoPro’s Hero® camera

The GoXtreme® Action Cams Chest Strap Mount is the perfect accessory for fascinating videos from a special perspective. Attaching the camera at chest height allows you to shoot your own hands and arms in action, such as skiing, fishing or cycling. Thanks to its infinite adjustability, the chest strap fits most common adult sizes and provides a stable viewing angle.

• Carry your camera directly on the chest

• Comfortable, adjustable shape adapts to all sizes

• Unique perspective from the middle of the body

• More body movements in camera range

• Perfect mount for skiing, kayaking, cycling, motorcrossing and many other sports

• Can be used with GoXtreme Action Cams and GoPro Hero® Camera (No camera included)