Brasso Metal Polish Cleaner 150ml

14.90 AED

United Kingdom

Brasso Liquid Metal Polish is ideal for use on brass, copper, pewter and chrome. The traditional cleaner effectively cleans metals with its abrasive liquid composition.

>30% Aliphatic Hydrocarbons, 5-15% Aromatic Hydrocarbons, <5% Soap

Brasso originated in Britain in about 1905. Because of the hydrocarbon components in the mixture it had a flash point of 72 °F (Abel Close test) and so was classed by railway companies as dangerous goods. This classification allowed the railway companies to charge more for distributing Brasso around the country. Reckitt's appealed to the companies asking for the polish to be recategorized in the hope of reducing costs, but the railways disagreed. As a result of this in 1913 the case was taken to Railway and Canal Commissioners for a decision. After a hearing lasting two days the commissioners decided in favour of the railway companies, and Brasso remained classed as a dangerous substance for the purposes of railway transport