Airwick Fresh lemon Carpet Fresh 350g

14.65 AED

United States of America

The Airwick lemon Carpet Fresh is a perfumed carpet and room freshener. The powerful fragrance of this room freshener quickly reduces foul smell and gives a long-lasting aroma in your room.

May cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment

1. Sprinkle lightly over carpet.
2. Wait a few minutes, then vacuum as usual.
3. For best results use every time you vacuum

Air Wick was established in the United States of America in 1943 and expanded to other parts of the world, including Europe, Canada, and Australia. The company offers a wide range of home fragrance solutions, namely room sprays, scented candles, and aroma liquid diffusers.

This product is a carpet and room freshener and should not be used for any other purpose