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    Ladder & Stepladder

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    Everything Is Easy To Do With The Help Of A Ladder
    There are more uses to a ladder & step ladder than you think, you can use a household ladder to reach the top shelf, or reach the ceiling to install a light bulb, or a high shelf in your office room to get a book, you can also use it to paint your walls.
    Ladders can be made of many different materials, like wooden ladders, metal ladders, plastic ladders and more.

    Ladders can take many forms or shapes, you can have a foldable ladder that you can fold in two and shove it inside the storage area or closet to save space, or even a multipurpose ladder that you can use both indoors and outdoors in the garden.
    In your online shopping address Carrefour UAE. we offer a huge selection of ladders as well as DIY items and equipment that you might need while doing work around the house, whether it was electronics like drills, or even screwdriver, nails, paint, brushes, measurement tapes, and even lights bulbs, everything is available and one click away from being between your hands.