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    Enjoy Mid-Night Snack With Great & Durable Fridges
    Storing food is just as important to enjoy eating it, a bad fridge that does not heat or keep things cold correctly can affect the taste of the food stored in it, therefore it is very important to choose a fridge that suits the number of people living in your house as well as look for the features and hardwear of the fridge, that makes the refrigerator a perfect fit to keep your vegetables and fruits out of moisture, cold, fresh, and delightful to eat.
    There are many types of fridges you can choose from such as:
    Double door fridges
    • Top freezer fridges
    • Bottom freezer fridges
    • Side-by-side fridge
    How to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Fridge?
    Preventing those tiny spots that keep on growing and giving a bad smell from chillers or freezers is easier when there is an anti-humidity mode inside the features, you can follow those simple tips to keep your fridge clean, and mold-free.
    Start by keeping your fridge always dry, no mold grows without feeding on moisture and water drops, so when you wash the fruits and vegetables make sure they dry well before storing them, also do not forget that mold grows in the spots around it, so just because something does not have visible mold on it, if there are any growths around it, throw it away immediately.
    What are the average prices for fridges?
    If you were wondering what is the average price for fridges in UAE, it differs from one store to the other however a Samsung refrigerator price in UAE could range anywhere between 1400 AEDs and 14000 AEDs