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    Are you looking for fresh dates to break your fast during Ramadan? Look no further than Carrefour online! Enjoy shopping for all Ramadan essentials with the best Ramadan offers from Carrefour, and get your order delivered right to your doorstep in no time!

    What is so special about Medjool dates?
    Medjool dates are often considered one of the fanciest due to their unique taste. Medjool dates are unique because of their rich flavor, soft and chewy texture, nutritional benefits, versatile use in culinary, and historical significance as a prized delicacy.

    Carrefour provides the finest premium selection of fresh Medjool dates to choose from, whether organic, pitted, or packed Medjool dates.

    What is the difference between AJWA dates and other dates?
    Ajwa dates are a specific variety commonly grown in Medina, Saudi Arabia. They are known for their distinct and rich flavor, soft and juicy texture, nutritional benefits, smaller sizes, and darker color compared to other dates.

    Safawi dates healthy?
    Yes, Safawi dates are considered healthy and nutritious as they are a good source of dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium, and antioxidants. They can provide various health benefits, such as regulating digestion, improving heart health, boosting energy levels, and supporting the immune system.

    Safawi dates are considered to have less amount of sugar than other types of dates, which makes them more healthy. Carrefour always offers the best deals on Safawi dates all year round.

    Which dates are best in Dubai?
    Carrefour supermarkets & hypermarkets offer a variety of high-quality dates, with some popular options such as Medjool dates, Safawi dates, Ajwa dates, Khidri dates, Omani dates, Jomara dates, and more.

    The best dates in Dubai may depend on personal preference, and you shop for the dates you prefer at Carrefour online.

    What are Jomara dates?
    Jomara dates are a variety of dates grown in Saudi Arabia, known for being a premium brand of organic dates.

    You can find Jomara dates to enjoy with a cup of Arabic coffee or to make sweets with, as they are very soft, on Carrefour UAE website or MAF Carrefour app online.

    Where are Sukkari dates from?
    Sukkari dates are a variety of dates primarily grown in the Al Qassim region of Saudi Arabia. They are known for their light color, which is more golden than regular dates, tender texture, honey-like taste, and nutritional benefits.

    Sukkari dates are widely consumed, so if you are looking to purchase some, you can find the best Sukkari dates in Carrefour supermarkets, hypermarkets, or online with unbeatable prices.

    What are the benefits of Mabroom dates?
    Mabroom dates in Saudi Arabia are soft, chewy, and have a caramel-like flavor.

    There are many benefits of Mabroom dates, such as:
    1. Great for those with digestion problems as they contain antioxidants.
    2. An amazing source of fibers, minerals, vitamins, and more.
    3. An excellent healthy fruit to raise your energy levels.

    Mabroom dates are available at Carrefour online all year round! Order today to enjoy fast delivery to create the best sweets or to enjoy dates with your meals.

    Are Khidri dates good?
    Yes, Khidri dates are excellent and nutritious. Carrefour offers you the best Khidri Egyptian dates. They are well known for their low sugar levels compared to Medjool or Ajwa dates.