Hemani - Amla Oil 30 ml

24.50 AED


Hemani Amla Oil 30ml Hemani Fleur’s Simply Herbal Nourishing Hair Oil has been prepared by Hemani company and the sole purpose of making and introducing this oil in the market is that this oil is very special for the healthy growth and nourishment of hairs. The contents of this herbal oil are natural and they don’t possess any potential of harming the head hairs in any way. The regular and uninterrupted use of this oil makes the hairs strong, healthy and nourished and it restores their beauty and health in considerably less time. The manufacturing company has especially chosen all natural and herbal ingredients for this oil because such ingredients made this oil able enough to be applied for longer duration on head hairs. Some of Its Major benefits: Firstly, this oil restores the lost health of head hairs Further, this oil improves the health of hairs It saves the head skin from becoming dry, which is a big reason behind gathering of dandruff on it It does deep nourishment of head hairs and scalp of head skin It makes the hairs strong from the roots -It gives so much health to the head hairs that a shine appears on it.