QVS All Star Eyes Brush Set - Multi Colour, 4 Piece

50.95 AED

The QVS All-Star Eyes Brush Collection consists of expertly made make-up brushes to accentuate the beauty. These brushes help achieve a flawless face with perfectly shaped brows and beautiful eyes.

Feather brush: Apply pencil eyeliner to the top and bottom lash line then gently smudge to remove hard lines. Eyeshadow brush: Easy colour application with subtle blending and highlighting. Brow spoolie: use to gently neaten hairs into place or use after applying brow makeup to distribute and even out the colour cream eyeshadow brush: create a professional base by preparing your eyelid with a primer or concealer before eyeshadow application

Established in 1986 by Robert Brown, QVS is engaged in creating cosmetic and grooming tools. The company has several subsidiaries such as QVS Homebody, Browtician, Urban Beauty United, Cosmetics, and Savl.