Attitude Fabric Softener Natural 40 loads Fragrance Free 1L

31.25 AED

Babies need to have soft fabrics for their clothes. Get the Attitude Fabric Softener that will make clothes static-free and extremely fluffy. Certified eco-friendly by EcoLogo, the softener is free of harmful carcinogenic ingredients and by-products. It is cruelty-free as it is not tested on animals. It is biodegradable and vegetable-based.

5%-15% Vegetable Anionic Surfactants (Sodium Coco-sulphate), 5%-15% Vegetable Non-ionic Surfactants (Lauryl Glucoside). Continent Sussi: Aqua/water/eau, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Gluconate, Glycerine, Camellia Saneness Leaf (Green Tea/the Vert) Extract, (Jasmine) (< 5%), Vanillin (< 5%) and Chamomile Recutita (Matric Aria) Flower Extract (< 5%)

Store at room temperature

Add to the dispenser or final rinse after tub filled with water. Do not pour directly on fabric to prevent spotting

Attitude is a leading Canadian company providing natural personal care and household products. With a market in over 44 countries, they produce a range of products to meet every family�s needs with the lowest impact on the planet. Its product line-up includes bath & body, household and pet care products.

Keep out of reach of children