Novalac IT 1 Infant Formula Powder Milk 400g

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Novalac IT 1 Infant Formula Powder Milk 400g

Novalac IT 1 Infant Formula Powder Milk ...

Pack size: 400g
Origin: Germany
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  • Ingredients & Nutrition facts


    Skimmed Milk, Milk Proteins, vegetable oils (Palm, Coconut, Soy), lactose, calcium Chloride emulsifier (soy lecithin), tripotassium citrate, Vitamins (A,B1, B2, B6, C,E, K1, Niacin, biotin, folic acid, pantothenic acid), Tricalcium citrate, trisodium citrate, magnesium oxide, Taurine, ferrous sulphate,inositol, zinc sulphate, antioxidants ( extract rich in tocopherols), cupric sulphate, sodium Selenite, L-carnitine, Potassium iodide, manganese sulphate, choline bitartrate. Contains : soy, Milk

    Nutrition facts

    Per100PortionType Average Nutritional Values per 100g
    Energyinkcal 506kcal
    EnergyinkJ 2120kJ
    Protein 11g
    Carbohydrates 58,2g
    Sugar 58,2g
    Fat 25,5g
    Sodium 150mg


    For 100 Grams: Energy 506Kcal/2120kj, fats 22,5 Saturate fats 13,1g, Cholesterol 12mg, Unsaturated fats 12,4g, Mono-unsaturated fats 12,4g, Poly unsaturated fats 5,6g, Linoleic acid 4,7g, a—linolenic acid 460mg, carbohydrates 58,2g of which sugar 58,2g, Proteins 11g, Minerals : Sodium 150mg, Potassium 450mg, chloride 310mg, calcium 390mg, phosphorus 200mg, magnesium 65mg, iron 6mg, zinc 4,5mg, iodine 65, copper 400, manganese 35, selenium 10, Choline 100mg, Inositol 45mg, Taurine 44mg, L-carnitine 8mg. Vitamins : A 450, B1 400, B2 800, B6 300, B12 1,5, C 60, D3 7,5, E 19, K1 30, Niacin 4,5, Pantathenic acid 2,4, folic acid 60, Biotin 15.
  • How to use

    Storage conditions

    Store in a cool and dry place, away from light and contamination.

    Preparation and usage

    1. Clean and sterilize the feeding bottle, the nipple and all used materials, in boiled water for 10 minutes.
    2. Boil good pure water for 5 minutes and let cool down to 40 degree C.
    3. Pour the needed amount of water into the feeding bottle first.
    4. Add the correct quantity of novalac powder, using the measuring spoon enclosed in the tin.
    5. Close the bottle, shake well until the powder is totally dissolved.
    6. Let cool to lukewarm temperature (37 degree C.) - control the temperature on the inner face of your arm. Feed immediately. Each feeding should be consumed within one hour maximum after its preparation.

    Safety warning

    Do not use after expiration date indicated under the tin (EXP)
    After opening, use within 3 weeks
    Do not add sugar
    Do not keep left over in the bottle. Throw away the remaining infant formula quantities. Do not prepare the bottle in advance but always just before the feeding.
    Close the tin after each use with the plastic lid.
    Store in a dry and cool place, away from light and contamination.

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