Eco by Naty Baby Bath Foam 200ml

27.20 AED

This baby bath foam from Naty is more than what meets the eye. It has neutral PH levels and excellent moisturising properties. It brightens your baby's bath time with cleansing bubbles and protects its sensitive skin from irritation. The presence of organic aloe vera prevents dryness and keeps your baby's skin soft. It also contains glyceryl oleate that provides moisture and necessary conditioning for the skin. Being dermatologically tested, it does not cause skin issues.

Eco by Naty started due to ingenious efforts of its founder Marlene Sandberg to provide all-natural, eco diaper for children. With a stepping-stone start in the year 1984, Naty established itself as the first eco diaper to receive OK Bio based Certification by Vincotte. Today Eco by Naty is a market leader in the segment of environment-conscious diaper products.