Scan & Go FAQs



Convenience redefined. Introducing a new fast way to shop and skip the queues!


Q. What Is Scan & Go?
Scan & Go is our latest innovation of how to shop with ease at our stores! All you need to do is scan your loyalty card, grab a device, scan & bag while you shop then simply go to one of the dedicated Scan & Go checkout counters to process your payment within minutes.
Q. What Payment Methods are accepted using Scan & Go?
We currently accept most major debit and credit cards as a payment method for Scan & Go.
Q. Where is Scan & Go Available?
Scan & Go is currently available at City Centre Mirdif, Mall of the Emirates, and City Centre Deira.
Q. Do I need to sign up for Scan & Go?
If you are a member of our loyalty program (MyCLUB) you are already signed up and ready to go! If you are not, all you need to do is download the Carrefour UAE App on iOS or Android and register to be auto-enrolled in the Scan & Go service.
Q. How do I use Scan & Go?
Using Scan & Go is simple – all you need to do is scan your loyalty card (MyCLUB) to grab a scanning device. Afterwards, just scan the barcode of each product you would like to purchase while you are shopping. Once you have gotten all your items, you can go to the dedicated Scan & Go checkout areas to process your payment via debit or credit card within minutes and you are good to go!
Q. Do I need to bring my own bags to use the Scan & Go service?
If it is your first time using the Scan & Go service, we will provide you with up to 2 reusable bags to pack your groceries in, for a limited time only. Reusable bags are always available for purchase for our Scan & Go customers whenever needed but we would encourage you to continue to use the ones we had provided upon your first use of Scan & Go. Of course, you can also use plastic bags at the dedicated checkout counter but we do encourage you to use our ecofriendly bags instead.
Q. Do I get MyCLUB points on my shopping when using Scan & Go?
Yes, you gain MyCLUB points while shopping using Scan & Go as you would on any transaction done at any Carrefour Hypermarket or Supermarket when presenting your loyalty card. The only difference is that you are loyalty card has already been scanned at the beginning of your shopping journey to use Scan & Go so you will not need to rescan it thereafter.
Q. How Do I Use a MyCLUB Coupon or savings with Scan & Go?
Your coupons and savings are applied automatically the minute you scan you MyCLUB card once you have started your Scan & Go experience. Just be sure to activate your coupons and redeems points on the Carrefour UAE App prior to scanning your card to get a Scan & Go Device.
 Additional Notes: Carrefour is not responsible for any damage happens to your phone while scanning your items.