At Carrefour we hope that our services help make your shopping experience a great one.

There are lots of people involved in your online shopping journey, all dedicated to making sure you receive best service and unique quality.
They receive your order, pick your shopping from the store, pack the items, store the produce and then deliver to your doorstep.
From picking to packing, every staff member is given expert training, so you receive the service and shopping you expect from Carrefour.

Picking your Fresh Food
Our pickers always pick the freshest produce with the longest sell-by dates, carefully selecting fruits and vegetables, as if they were shopping for themselves. They ask themselves 'would I buy it?' so they always send you groceries of the very highest quality.

Packing your shopping
When packing your delivery, our team is trained to separate food from non-food and chilled from frozen, and to put heavy items at the bottom to avoid any squashing.

Climate - controlled vans
As well as packing your items separately, we also store everything in climate-controlled areas, even in our vans.
This means your shopping is delivered in top conditions and will arrive at the correct temperature.

Drivers are here to help
Our helpful drivers can deliver to your front door or your fridge door, wherever you choose. Just ask our driver next time you have a delivery.

Where we deliver
We are currently rolling out groceries delivery.