App FAQs



Q. Where can I get the App?
Head to your App store on any mobile device and search for ‘Carrefour UAE’ or download now
Q. How do I register my existing account on the App?
When you have downloaded the app you will be prompted to either ‘Log in’ or ‘Sign up’. You will need to log into the App with the same details you use on the Carrefour UAE website – don’t worry, you’ll only have to do this once!
Q. I’m new to Carrefour, can I sign up to Carrefour on the App?
Yes, you will be prompted to ‘Log in’ or ‘Sign up’ when you access the app for the first time. Select the ‘Sign up’ option and add in your details. If you have an existing MyCLUB card, you will have the option to enter your MyCLUB card number to start earning great rewards, straight away.
Q. How can I register my existing MyCLUB card?
Once you have logged in to the APP you will be asked to register your details. There is an option to check that allows you to link any existing MyCLUB card number.
Q. How do I create a new MyCLUB card?
When you download the APP you will automatically be given a MyCLUB number. Click on the MyCLUB card icon on the top right corner to view this.
Q. Where can I find my MyCLUB points, discounts and coupons?
You can find your MyCLUB points, discounts and coupons by clicking on the MyCLUB card icon at the top right of the screen. This will show you how many points you have, points that you can redeem for cash value, and all of the coupons you can use to enjoy Carrefour even more! You can also access this via the ‘MyCarrefour’ option, which can be found at the bottom centre of your screen, and head to the ‘MyCLUB’ section.
TIP: If you’re shopping in store, you can gain additional points by checking the MyCLUB offers from the MyCarrefour Services page before you head into one of our stores, so you can plan your shopping better.
Q. How do I redeem my MyCLUB points in-store?
You can redeem your MyCLUB points in-store by enabling the option or defining the amount in the app before scanning your MyCLUB barcode. You can also inform the cashier about the exact amount you want to redeem before getting your MyCLUB barcode scanned at checkout (10 points = 1 AED).
Q. How do I redeem my MyCLUB points online?
You can redeem your MyCLUB points online by defining the amount you want to redeem before checkout. A minimum of 25.00 AED/250 points can be redeemed.
Q. How do I redeem my MyCLUB loyalty coupons?
If you’re in store, please activate your coupons and discount before reaching the cashier as there is sometimes a delay of a few seconds. You can activate a coupon by clicking on the MyCLUB icon at the top right of the screen, then click on ‘Coupons’ to reveal the list of your loyalty coupons to date. Your individual barcode then be scanned by the cashier and redeemed.
If you’re shopping online, you can redeem your coupons for online purchase by activating them in the app.
Q. What do I do if I can’t access my coupons to use in store?
Try to check if the coupons can be accessed before you get to the checkout. If you cannot see the coupons in App, please contact Customer Services on 800-73232
Q. How do I access The Entertainer from my App?
For MyCLUB members who were eligible for The Entertainer promotion, you can access The Entertainer from your Carrefour App via ‘MyCarrefour’, which is at the bottom centre of your screen. Here you can see all of your Entertainer offers for Carrefour without leaving the app. You can check if you’re eligible for this promotion by contacting Customer Services on 800-73232
Q. Where can I find my shopping receipts?
You can track online orders by clicking on the ‘More’ option at the bottom right of your screen, and select ‘My Orders’ and ‘View order details’. If you’ve purchased in-store, you can head to your ‘MyCarrefour’ section and head to ‘E-receipts’. All of your receipts are saved here so no more printing needed, you can go green!
Q. How can I view my Shopping Lists from the app?
We are working to integrate this into the APP, in the meantime you can continue to use the service on
Q. How does Carrefour Pay work?
Carrefour Pay allows customers to register their MyCLUB card and Credit Card in APP to pay for shopping in one scan. Removing the need to carry both the APP and Credit Card to make it quicker and more convenient to checkout at the cashier, as it will be saved as the preferred payment in the APP!
Q. What can the APP be used for?
You can use the can use the APP to shop all of your favourite groceries. We’re aiming to have outdoor and electrical products and more available on the app before the end of 2018.
Q. Can I create a cart on the website and complete the payment by APP?
Yes, if you’d prefer you can shop via to create your cart and complete the payment on the APP. This also works vice versa, so you can shop on the APP to create your cart and complete the payment on – just make sure you’re logged in with the same details for both the APP and the website.
Q. Can I share my MyCLUB card with family members?
Yes you can share your MyCLUB card. Your family members simply have to register and enter your MyCLUB details then you, the primary MyCLUB card owner, will receive a text message to ensure that you are happy to link both cards.
Q. What criteria do I have to meet to receive MyCLUB points and coupons?
You receive MyCLUB points that you can redeem in-store and online. For every 10 points in your account, you get 1.00 AED discount. A minimum of 25.00 AED/250 points can be redeemed per transaction. Coupons are allocated based on individual shopping behaviour.

Share Rewards - Tip In/Tip Out

Q. What is SHARE?
SHARE is the UAE’s true lifestyle rewards programme brought to you by Majid Al Futtaim. SHARE offers members the flexibility to earn and spend their points across all Majid Al Futtaim brands from grocery shopping in Carrefour, to browsing stores in our malls to booking leisure, entertainment or cinema experiences. For more information, please visit
Q. How does SHARE work?
As a SHARE member, you will earn points whenever you spend at any Majid Al Futtaim brands, hotel restaurants and leisure destinations, as well as all stores inside our malls. Simply pay for your purchases using the SHARE Wallet or scan your receipts.
You can also redeem your points for any of your purchases by using your SHARE Wallet in-store or buying a shopping mall gift card. You can choose to pay for your purchase fully using points, or with a combination of cash and points.
Q. Which stores are included in the SHARE rewards programme?
You can earn and use SHARE points across all the Majid Al Futtaim brands including Carrefour, VOX Cinemas, Magic Planet, Ski Dubai, Little Explorers, iFly Dubai, Crate & Barrel, American Girl, Lego and more. A full list of brands is available at
Q. I am a member of Carrefour MyCLUB. Will my account and points be affected if I join SHARE?
No, your MyCLUB account will not be affected. You can continue to earn and redeem your Carrefour MyCLUB points as you currently do. If you are a member of both MyCLUB and SHARE, you now have the added advantage of transferring points between the two programmes. This means that you can earn points for your Carrefour shopping then transfer them to SHARE to be used at the mall, VOX Cinemas and more. Similarly, you can earn SHARE points at any of the participating locations and transfer them to MyCLUB to enjoy in Carrefour.
Q. Where can I learn more and join SHARE?
You can learn about SHARE here or through the Carrefour App.
You can also visit to learn even more and join the SHARE rewards programme.
You can also call the SHARE Team any time at 800-SHARE (74273). Our dedicated support center is open 7 days a week from 9am to 10pm Sundays to Thursdays and 9am until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.